Using Decorative Tile To Make A Statement

Tile flooring is a timeless classic that brings elegance to any room. Whether you’re decking your floors in the finest marble or simply updating your kitchen backsplash, the tiles you choose matter.

If you want your floors to make a statement with every step, consider decorative tiles. Decorative tiles can produce eye-catching designs that complement your interior design choices or serve as a centerpiece that grabs your guests’ attention.

Patterned Tiles

Using Decorative Tile To Make A Statement

Patterned tiles are among the most common types of decorative tiles, and among the most popular. You can go with complex geometric patterns that give an artistic flair to any space, or a simple floral design to make an interior space feel light and airy.

And if you’re worried that a patterned tile you like may be too overwhelming for a room, consider using it for an accent wall. Accents are a great way to add your style to a space without drowning out other features.

Textured Tiles

Textured tiles may seem like an odd choice for flooring, but they make perfect sense for almost everything else. Backsplashes, shower surrounds, and accent walls can all be elevated with textured tiles.

They may not be necessarily colorful or patterned, but the unique texture of these tiles can warm up a room by giving it a nuanced appearance. Since kitchens and bathrooms are spaces characterized by tile choices, these are the perfect places to put a little bit of texture.

Glass Backsplash Tile

Using Decorative Tile To Make A Statement

Glass tiles may not be ideal for your floors, but they can make the perfect backsplash to accent your kitchen or bathroom. If you enjoy a splash of color that brightens up your bathroom or a subtle design that complements your kitchen, try a glass tile backsplash.

The right glass tile choice can create an art-like effect, especially when sunlight hits the backsplash, while adding depth and texture to your most personal spaces.

Patterned Vinyl

Not totally sold on tile floors? Then you should check out patterned vinyl floors. Vinyl patterns come in even greater diversity than tile, giving you endless options. From simple back and white checker floors to bold, colorful patterns, vinyl can do anything tile can do, and on a lower budget.

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